Yvonne De Carlo, Hollywood Actress

Yvonne De Carlo, Hollywood actress

Previously unpublished photograph of Yvonne De Carlo

Best known for her roles as Lilly Munster in The Munsters, and as the wife of Moses in The Ten Commandments, Yvonne De Carlo (Margaret Yvonne Middleton) was born and raised in Vancouver. Her father abandoned the family when she was three, and she then lived with her mother and grandparents.

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The photograph below is Yvonne De Carlo’s grandfather, Italian-born Michael De Carlo (born Michele; c. 1873 – July 1, 1954). He suffered a small fire in his Vancouver residence. While firemen doused the flames in his kitchen, he and his dog ‘Squeezie’ took refuge in my ’40 Chevy.

Yvonne De Carlo's grandfather, Michael De Carlo

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