Michael Owen Jones

Micky Jones - © Eric Jones
“Is that camera focused?”

Micky Jones, the photographer, was born at age 12 or 13 when his sixth-grade teacher showed him how to develop photos in a makeshift darkroom in the school basement. He bought his first Speed Graphic camera on his 16th birthday. It was used but it still cost him $100, which meant selling a lot of cherries at 10 cents a pound and selling a lot of carboard boxes gathered from his father’s furniture store and sold to the local baker.

He shot pictures for high school events and school newsletters with that camera. He carried it to California, where he learned to be an aircraft mechanic. It was too heavy to take with him to the RCAF on base at Linton-on-Ouse in Yorkshire England, but he used it when he first started UBC as a veteran. He bought his second Speed Graphic while at UBC, because he had to own his own camera to work at the Vancouver Sun.

Micky Jones passed away in January, 2018 in Bellingham, WA.

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  1. Mark Denkler

    Delightful! Want to see more.

  2. Jack Kienast

    A delightful sampling of Micky’s work over the years, recording interesting and meaningful moments in an impactful way.

  3. Katie

    Micky your photography is amazing! I feel so lucky to have such a talented and nice neighbor! I would love to see more of it, so glad you have this website.

  4. Scott Melnick

    Great selection of shots Micky from a varied, interesting and noteworthy career. I look forward to seeing more as the page progresses. I liked how you shot the S.S. Chelohsin picture…shows that even in pre-digital times there were ways of getting things done.

  5. So pleased to see you in Print and remembered after all these years, would love to see more, thank you Eric and Pui for honoring your father. Best wishes and Love from Aunt Donna and Uncle Bill. Can you print the famous ” Horse racing the train? Your talent revisited.

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